Advertisers and developers

For advertisers or for developers

Have your software highlighted or advertise on free-downloads. We offer fairly priced advertising slots with good CTR records. Compared to other download sites we attempt to keep our basic design simple and avoid having our pages filled with adverts. That means that the few adverts we got usually have a high CTR and at the same time are fairly priced.

At free downloads we offer two different types of advertisments. If you are a software developer with your software listed at our site, you can purchase "highlights" of your software. That can for example be that your software gets listed on the frontpage as featured software. If you do not have any software listed at free-downloads, but still wants to purchase advertising space on our site that is also an option by purchasing regular advertising space. You can read more about the various options below.

For developers

As a software developer with your programs listed at free downloads you can get improved exposure by purchasing highlights. If you are registred as a developer you can proceed to login right away at the advertiser section. Here you can see the different slots we are offering and associated prices.

You can also read more about our developer credit system that awards developers with high numbers of downloads, views etc.

For Advertisers

As an advertiser you can purchase 7 different slots at various places around our site. We have over 2.5 million impressions each month and over 140.000 clicks on the various ads. Our pages are highly optimized for making sure the users will notice the ads without ruining their user experience. Our average CTR for december was 5.24% with some individual slots at above 9%. (for example one page had 407,879 views and 39,100 clicks for december).

We offer the options of running html, flash or graphical banners. On top of excellent slots available we offer advertisers the option of scheduling on a day to day basis and in multiple slots. Our system also features tracking of views and CTR on the individual ads. the File Extensions site!