Book Organizer Deluxe Review
Book Organizer Deluxe Review Book Organizer Deluxe v. 2.7
by Zari L. Ballard
06 June 07
Again, the final price of Organizer at $75.00, including the 30-day, no-questions-asked, refund policy, is well worth the cost for all users, including the most advanced. In addition, for a reasonable $119.00, users can currently order both the Book Organizer Deluxe and the All Organizer Deluxe Solutions (51 programs).
Please note that this review is about version 2.7 and the current version is 3.0. Features as well as bugs may or may not have been changed since the version upgrade. Always refer to developer homepage for more information.
PrimaSoft PC, Inc.'s Book Organizer Deluxe v2.7 is a terrific software program. In attempting to provide the fairest of Reviews, I dug deep into a long-ignored storage unit containing nearly two decades of dusty old boxes. Within these boxes were literally hundreds of books - all shapes, all sizes, all topics, and all representatives of academic points in my life. I have continually, over the years, procrastinated about either giving away my beloved "collection", throwing it away, or setting it up at the next yard sale. Writing this Review provided me many guilt-free reasons to finally focus on these books, organize and remember them, and then carefully create an accessible database for both myself and others who might enjoy my collection.
Book Organizer Deluxe is available to the public for a downloadable, generous 45-day test period. For those of you with a little extra time to spare, and a few book-filled, dust-collecting boxes, I highly recommend downloading this comprehensive Organizer and putting it to good use. My college classmates and close friends, many of whom are book packrats as well, viewed the end results of my work with the Organizer, and fully intend to initiate the trial offer. While the $75.00 price tag may seem a bit high, Book Organizer Deluxe, in my opinion, rates closer to being an overall "investment" rather than a mere software purchase. Considering how this program transformed my collection of 300+ books - each one adored, each one of sentimental value, and none I was willing to part with - into a computerized registry/database similar, if not identical to, the one used at my local library, the $75.00 tag is a very good price indeed.

For a first-time user, taking the time to study the Organizer's lengthy and detailed ReadMe Section is an essential, if not mandatory, first step towards working with the program. A basic, conceptual understanding of the Organizer's functions, features, and options will motivate a user to the second, much easier step - the gathering of all books, and subsequent assigning of categories based upon the types of books in his/her personal collection. After opening and loading a New Database to begin, user-specified categories can be created, along with other customized filters or "field titles", during the methodical entering of each book's pertinent, informational data. Instead of finding this particular data entry task to be most tedious (as would be my norm), I rather enjoyed the process.
Not only did I reacquaint myself with books that had forever impacted my life, I also felt extremely productive working to create a sharable database of educational, recreational, enlightening, and notably academic reading materials.

Depending upon the data fields or filters a user chooses to keep (from those provided), delete, or create, numerous searches and viewing options become available after all data entry is complete. When entering a "New Record" (i.e. book) into the Organizer, a home user may choose to keep only basic fields such as Title, Author, Category, Quick Summary, etc., and then delete the rest. Fields can always be reentered at a later date. To test the functionality of the software's search and viewing capabilities, I created several categories for my books - Philosophy (Buddhism), Computer Training/Repair, and Home Business/Writing - and then, in addition to the typical fields, I also kept the ISBN Number field, a field for noting a book's sale price, and a field allowing book/topic keywords to be listed for online searches.
By clicking the Web Viewer toolbar option, I was able to view, online in web page format, a book's information exactly as I had entered it. In addition, by using various search options, I was able to print-out a complete list, alphabetically, of all books in my collection, a book list sorted by author, and book lists sorted by each category. Book Organizer Deluxe offers a multitude of ways to keep your personal database organized and accessible.

Libraries and similar facilities using Book Organizer Deluxe to create and maintain public databases, might, for example, create additional fields for their users such as listings of alternate books by the same author or of similar topic, or helpful website links. Standard fields calling for publishing dates, ISBN numbers, and quick summaries will remain. The Organizer also contains the security option of running in either single-user mode, for personal usage alone, or in multi-user mode. Multi-user mode, where several computers run the program and many users access information, offers the administrative option of assigning certain users certain privileges. Libraries and schools run consistently within this mode. Fields calling for monetary figures, certain personal user information, and official database numbers are fields that, while hidden from users with other permissions, are specifically visible to certain personnel for administrative purposes. Book Organizer Deluxe allows the searching (by filtering), sorting, and organizing of field data, and the printing/viewing of data in multiple formats (e.g. graphs, spreadsheets, and data). For libraries and similar institutions, certain field reports are essential to keeping the database collection current, tracking its size, and monitoring its monetary value.

PrimaSoft maintains an informative home website containing helpful information, and additional instructional advice for pushing Book Organizer Deluxe to its fullest potential. Although marketed as "Book" Organizer Deluxe, please note that this software is not limited to books and only books. Book Organizer Deluxe allows for enthusiasts, hobbyists, avid collectors - anyone with a passion, or any large facility with a need - to customize, productively utilize, and easily configure all the features and options of this software.

Quick Feature Highlights from Book Organizer Deluxe:

* Comprehensive ReadMe Section and Solution Center
* User-friendly interface with ready-made templates for easy data entry
* Flexible field/filter options for customizing databases
* "Web Ready" option easily publishes databases online
* Multiple viewing/printing formats in Table View
* Report, Label, and HTML Wizards
* "Learn Once. Use Multiple Times." Book Organizer Deluxe is not just for books!

Again, the final price of Organizer at $75.00, including the 30-day, no-questions-asked, refund policy, is well worth the cost for all users, including the most advanced. In addition, for a reasonable $119.00, users can currently order both the Book Organizer Deluxe and the All Organizer Deluxe Solutions (51 programs). If organizing your personal or business collections and/or data is creeping to Number One on the Procrastination list, PrimeSoft PC, Inc. has a world of organizing solutions at your service!

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