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PhraseExpander Video PhraseExpander v. 3.4
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31 July 12
Speed up your word processing with personalized letter shortcuts for words and phrases you use often. PhraseExpander lets you customize standardized documents, create shortcuts to websites, and it even fixes your typos.
Please note that this review is about version 3.4 and the current version is 4.1. Features as well as bugs may or may not have been changed since the version upgrade. Always refer to developer homepage for more information.

Phrase Expander with after effects and some sound. NO GOOGLE ZOOM from FileFacts on Vimeo.

Even the slowest typer can now write quickly with PhraseExpander. Typing fyi will expand to ‘for your information’. Whole sentences that you use often can be saved and suggested to you at the first typed letter. Save and paste large bodies of text like your signature and details after writing an email. You can have the same letter shortcut for different phrases, like the shortcut 'mail' for the email addresses you type most.

A great feature of PhraseExpander is the ability to use standardized documents. Create form templates that you can fill in by adding the missing information. Use checkboxes or grids to easily and quickly enter the required data and PhraseExpander will do the rest.

You can create a personalized letter combination for any web page which will open your default browser to the page. Type your phrase, choose a short, select save, and it will work immediately. This will work in any software capable of word processing.

To save you more time, PhraseExpander fixes your spelling mistakes and typos in every software. It even works when searching online.

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