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Jungle Cats
Here are 43 images of wild cats of all sizes found in wilderness areas around the world. Included are the African Golden Cat, African Lion, Bay Lynx, American Wild Cat, Bengal Leopard Cat, Bokhara Chaus, Bornean Red Cat, Bushy-tailed Red-spotted Cat, Caffer Cat, Carcal, Chaus, Cheetah, Clouded Tiger, Cougar, Desert Cat, European Red Lynx, European Wild Cat, Eyra, Fishing Cat, Fontanier's Spotted Cat, Geoffroy's Cat, Indian Tigers, Jaguars, Leopard, Little Malayan Red-cat, Little Marbled Tigers, Little Red-spotted Cat, Margay, Molina's Guiana Cat, Northern Lynx, Ocelot, Painted Cat, Palla's Thibetan cat, Pampas Cat, Rubiginous Cat, Serval, Shaw's Cat, Siberian Lynx, Snow Leopard, Spanish Lynx, Temminck's Golden Cat, and the Yaguarundi.
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