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Train Tracking
All the fun of sitting on a chilly metal seat - drinking weak lemon cordial - at a railway station in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the illusive Number 4592-B to come along! Except without any real risk of pneumonia. Train Tracking is a jovial look at one of Britain's more bizarre pasttimes - Trainspotting. br/br/You have a list of train serial numbers and a view of a station through which trains pass. Your objective is to check off the serial numbers on your list as a train with a matching number passes through the station. As you complete each Day, the number of serials and tracks to watch simultaneously increases. Finally, there's a time limit and a finite amount of chances to spot each train. br/br/Featuring: br/2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Track Stations for a frenetic tracking experience. br/Country, Town and City Stations, Industrial Depots and Express Bonus Rounds. br/29 Days of increasingly manic trainspotting. br/Over 2,500 random UK Stations means no two games will be the same. br/Glorious UK Weather: Rain, Snow, Thunder and Lightning. br/Stations bustling with Impatient Passengers, Trainspotters, Station Workers and Dogs. br/Themed soundtrack and stereo sound effects. br/Easy, Medium and Difficult settings to suit your skill level. br/Keyboad/Mouse control. br/Load/Save Game facility.
Program details
Downloads month: 10
Company: Demon Star
Release date: 2003-02-21
Version: 1.04
License: Commercial
Price: $16
Supported OS': Win95 Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP
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