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Map Suite - Winforms Edition
Map Suite Winforms Edition is a powerful set of user controls enabling you to build compelling mapping applications. Leveraging Microsoft's .NET framework, our APIs incorporate the latest technology to deliver ease of coding and intuitive streamlined interfaces. Developers using any .NET compatible language (VB.NET, C# ect...) can easily build mapping applications with royalty free distribution.

With over 30+ sample applications to look at, you can become a mapping expert in no time. Each sample application shows how to utilize a different piece of functionality with just a few lines of code to review. After looking at the code you will be amazed how easy it is to add mapping into your application.

Take mapping to the next level with GDI+, a revolutionary step forward in how graphics are drawn. GDI+ is at the core of the Map Suite Winforms rendering engine and allows you the flexibility to create unique and compelling maps.

Spatial and distance querying has never been easier with Map Suite Winforms. You can use a multitude of conditions such as fully containing, containing, contained, intersecting, containing centroid, outside, fully outside and distance to find map shapes. To make things even easier distance queries can be made in any unit you choose.

Map Suite Winforms also allows developers to use the power of SQL to query data from the shape files they use. Data retrieved can be returned in the form of a DataTable or DataReader enabling you to use existing grids and tools though data binding. We also expose the connection object so you have full control over how you query and in what format it returns.

When you purchase Map Suite Winforms you will receive 9+ gigs of free data in shape file format covering the entire US including roads, highways, hydrology and much more. This data is freely distributable and will give you a good foundation for building apps.

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Downloads month: 5
Company: Spatially Aware
Release date: 2004-02-17
Version: 0.95
License: Demo
Price: $3995.00
Supported OS': WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP
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