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PhraseExpander Video by Free Downloads
Speed up your word processing with personalized letter shortcuts for words and phrases you use often. PhraseExpander lets you customize standardized documents, create shortcuts to websites, and it even fixes your typos.
AudioEdit Deluxe by Charles Akin
AudioEdit Deluxe does everything the developer claims. It probably does even more, but Mystiic Media has not taken the time to provide the user with information about cool things they can do with the product.
Titan Backup at $39.95 can backup any type of file in different locations, on your computer or from a network location, removable disks, USB sticks, memory cards, FTP or media storage discs like CDRs or DVDs.
General Knowledge Base by Charles Akin
General Knowledge Base is a Knowledge Management software for easy and effective management of all types of knowledge bases. In this video review Charles Akin takes a look at the functionality of the program.
Smart PC by Zari L. Ballard
Smart PC 4.0 is an efficient and highly user-friendly system tool for fixing and optimizing tired, overworked and unstable computers. The Smart PC Solutions "Help" section reads like a "How-To" of Computer Upgrade books, and provides all the information needed - plus a few extra tips and tricks - to successfully operate Smart PC and get your PC optimized for peak performance.
Bitzipper by Charles Akin
There are some really decent compression/extraction programs on the market, but in my opinion BitZipper is the best product for the money. At US $24.95, it is very well priced for what it does.
ezPower Pro POS by Charles Akin
I find the documentation to be sparse at best, but that really should not be a problem. Denver Research has four support methods. You can use their forum, email them, send them an instant message, or call them. A single user copy of the ezPower Pro (General Retail) software sells for $199.00 USD. Considering everything that this product does, the software is a real bargain.
Book Organizer Deluxe Review by Zari L. Ballard
Again, the final price of Organizer at $75.00, including the 30-day, no-questions-asked, refund policy, is well worth the cost for all users, including the most advanced. In addition, for a reasonable $119.00, users can currently order both the Book Organizer Deluxe and the All Organizer Deluxe Solutions (51 programs).
East Tec Eraser Review by Zari L. Ballard
Available for a 15-day trial period, which is plenty of time to test its powerful features, EastTec Eraser 2007 is flexible, easy-to-use, all-browser accommodating, compatible with Windows 98 through Win Vista, and offers a purchase package with many reasonable options, depending upon the amount of PC's being used per buyer. For use in 1 PC - $49.95, 2 - 9 $39.95, 10-24 $29.95, 25-50 $24.95, and 50+ PC usuage can be discussed. I feel a more appropriate price range might have been a high of $39.00 to a low 24.95.
Acetext Review by Zari L. Ballard
The purchase price of AceText 2.1.1 (Full Version) is $39.95, but does include a three-month unconditional guarantee, which I felt was a nice touch. In addition, the J.G. Software website is full of tips and tricks, testimonials, and plenty of helpful instruction on the usage of each feature and option. With a three-month unconditional guarantee, you really can't go wrong by giving this interesting program a fair try.
Catstudio Catalog Review by Charles Akin
I would have expected this product to sell for much less than it's $92.00 USD selling price. However, I encourage potential buyers to use the trial version and decide that for themselves. After all, as the old saying goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".
iMagic Survey Pro by Charles Akin
At $99.00 USD, iMagic Survey Pro is a good value. For $199.00, users might be better off purchasing iMagic Survey Server which comes with a copy of iMagic Survey Pro. My hat is off to the folks at iMagic Software. This product is easy to use, does what it claims it will do, and is affordable.
Before I tell you more about this product, I have a word of warning. If you are going to test drive AccuPlan, make certain that you download the professional version, not the personal version. I made the mistake of trying the personal version first. It was a very disappointing experience. It was extremely limited, and unpredictable. I could not even get the internal help system to launch.
Dr Explain Review by Charles Akin
Technical writers will really appreciate how much work this program does for them, and developers will undoubtedly find this a useful tool in identifying opportunities to improve their programs. The price sounds a little high, but I can assure you that the product will easily pay for itself on the first project.
Computerize Your Assets by Zari L. Ballard
If a software tool for managing and itemizing your valued material assets is what you are seeking, look no further than Computerize Your Assets for accurately and efficiently getting the job done.
WriteSource by Zari L. Ballard
I found this software to be completely confusing and far more work than it could possibly be worth. Although I loved the Dictionary and Thesaurus option, Yahoo has one of each in its toolbar, as does Google, and they work just as well.
InstantCashBook by Zari L. Ballard
I would recommend Instant CashBook 2007, even with the initial room-for-error and slightly steep $79.00 price tag, as completely productive and efficient program for the small business owner or up-and-coming entrepreneur. Any software developer that states "We hope that Instant CashBook 2007 & the docmentation provided here, will alway keep you on top of your business paperwork leaving you with more time for family and leisure" definately scores high in my book.
Orbit is a free download manager that promise up to 500% faster downloading. For popular content the peer-to-peer networking and segmented downloads does lead to more rapid downloads, although I couldn’t benchmark the speed promised. Given that this is freeware, if you do not already use a download manager, this is a good one to start with.
1SITE by Zari L. Ballard
Floating out there in Cyberspace - right now - are close to a half dozen, uncompleted websites that belong to me. For all those who believe that the designing of a website is more a chore than a creative process, I have wonderful news: It doesn't have to be!!! ISITE has everything layed out right before your very eyes - and at your fingertips - for designing a website that yields instant gratification.
Robomail Review by Charles Akin
I am always evaluating the various marketing tools available to me. Recently I began looking at mass email marketing, and I was surprised at how complicated the email marketing process is. RoboMail is priced a bit on the high side to me, however, it is important to note that email marketing software range in price from $39.95 all the way up to $500.00.
Notezilla Review by Charles Akin
In my opinion you can not find a better sticky note program for $29.95. This may be one of the best personal organizer tools on the market today. NoteZilla is the Rolls Royce of electronic sticky notes. This sweet little program has all the bells and whistles one could want.
100 Chords Method by Zari L. Ballard
At $79.00, I would consider the price slightly steep, even taking into account the rich features and multimedia, interactive capabilities. At $49.95, however, I would encourage you to get that guitar out, and go for it!
Brainstorm Review by Charles Akin
For the most part, I find this program to be a very useful tool, and, at approximately $39.00 USD, the price seems reasonable. The 30 day fully functional trial version will give you plenty of time to assess that value for yourself.
Direct Access Review by Charles Akin
In my opinion, this product is under priced for the technology. At $39.95 I consider it a real bargain. I strongly suspect the price might rise when this product catches on.
Camtasia Studio by Zari L. Ballard
I could write indefinitely about this amazing, top-quality, software program and the endless possibilities it offers, but there simply is not room in this review. A complete listing of all the available options and features can be viewed at the TechSmith website, along with reviews, press releases, and many tips/tricks to get you started. Anyone can be a professional Audio/Video producer with Camtasia Studio 4.0.
Ebooks Compiler Review by Charles Akin
Overall "eBooks Compiler" is worth the $14.95 the developer is asking. It can be used to produce e-books, and it is fairly easy to use. However, I feel like there are more feature rich and better documented e-book compilers on the market.
Promptpal Review by Jane Burren
PromptPal lets you cut and paste using the same keys as other Windows applications, which you can't do with the regular DOS command prompt. You can also easily browse for file and path names.
db Organizer Deluxe Review by Zari L. Ballard
The OverView does emphasize the fact that you can create your own templates and edit drop-downs, etc. You are allowed to create any database you so choose, with fields specific to your needs. This is a great feature, but it should be a bonus, not a necessity.
Help and Manual Review by Charles Akin
At $ 459.00 this product is a bargain. It’s a fraction of the price of RoboHelp® and in my opinion it does the work just as well as RoboHelp®. Give the trial version a test drive and see if you don’t agree.
Small Business Tracker Deluxe is the perfect, all-around accounting and information mangement software program for the self-employed professional.
East-Tec Backup 2007 Review by Zari L. Ballard
East Technologies hit the nail on the head with this little software package. The program is completely user-friendly, easy on the eye, and the features do more than just deliver what the website promises. The Intro/Help Index, which, at first glance, seems short on topics, provided concise, to-the-point instructions/answers and I never returned for the same question a second time.
Firefox Review by Norine Jackson
Firefox delivers what it promises with lightening speed browsing experience. Once you install it, you won’t want to go back to your old browser. Using Internet Explorer is a long and tedious experience I'd rather live without.
UpdatePatrol Review by Jane Burren
UpdatePatrol is a piece of software that monitors websites for changes, alerts you, and highlights changes in a built-in browser so you can identify them easily. It's a great piece of software, but with the increase in sites offering RSS feeds, and the availability of free site monitoring services, the software might not be worth it's price!
WinFlash Educator Review by Zari L. Ballard
All in all, for the right purposes, many elements of Educator, including the richness of features, the comprehensive Help Index section, and the wealth of information attainable from both the Open Windows Customer Service and website itself, make the $39.95 full purchase price a worthy investment.
When I buy a product, I am always a bit skeptical about the product claims. I hate spending my hard earned money on products and services that fall short of their marketing hype. With Auction Sentry, I did not have to worry about that.
Opera review by Kristy Borowik
Overall, Opera is a great choice for someone looking for an alternative to Internet Explorer, or casual users of any browser. the File Extensions site!